Friday, June 30, 2006

Move in Day

It was yesterday and Y A W N, we are exhausted. Thank God my in-laws were here taking care of the girls, it would have been impossible otherwise. We have boxes stacked up everywhere, yet, we are headed down to L.A. today to have a short vacation with my brother in law, his wife and son...this will include a trip to Disneyland.

On Monday, the movers will come to unpack most of our things...woo hoo!! Then we will have to put things away and hopefully we will be on our way to getting settled in to our new home.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's HOT here...

That's all I have to say, last week, the temps started creeping up over the 100's (Fahrenheit that is). I think it probably got up to around 108, fortunately, we had a trip planned up to Sacramento to 'escape' the was a cool 100 up there.

Still in hotels. We will begin our move into our new house at the end of this week and heading down to L.A. for the weekend...I hope it's cooler down there (keeping fingers crossed).

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Yes, I will be MIA for a while. The only reason I've been able to get on the internet is because my hubby brings his laptop back to the hotel after work. He will be going out of town for a few days, then when he gets back, we are traveling up to Sacramento for a few the 2nd of 4 hotels. We leave early Friday morning for Sac.

This is why I've had all boring posts and no pictures, I have no way to upload pictures without our computer set up. It will be a couple more weeks before we get our computer set up when we move and internet cable too.

After we get settled in our house, I will have tons of pictures to post of our move and travels!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Culture shock?

Is it possible to have culture shock when one is moving within the same state? I think I do have culture shock from moving from a large, cosmopolitan area to one of primarily agricultural and oil.

I went to try a church this morning and I was so sad because I miss our old church. I just didn't feel like I fit in with the people there. It just seemed to casual and country for me. It just doesn't feel like going to church if people are wearing shorts to church. Okay, it was only one visit, I will have to try and go again, maybe try a different service, maybe I attended the 'gray hairs' service this morning.

Friday, June 16, 2006

My last visit with the hand surgeon

Before we left the Bay area, I went to my last follow up with the hand surgeon. He said he was pleased with the progress I made and that I will never be at 100%, but I should continue to see improvement up to 2 years after my surgery. I still feel alot of scarring/hardness with the tendon repair. I often have a cracking feeling when I bend that finger and I still have numbness. When I touch things, the one side of my finger which had the nerve damage feels cold...that's kind of weird. I also have a hard time searching for things in a bag such as a diaper bag with that hand. He said that I don't need to continue anymore exercises...well, I didn't really have much time anymore for the hand exercises anyway.

Our visitor

Gingey just arrived! Gingey is a visitor from a family I met on my BIO (Born in October) message board. Hopefully, Gingey will help us explore our new town and join us on our trip to Sacramento and to Disneyland. I'll wait to post all the adventures in July after we get our computer set up when we move into our new house. If you want to see other adventures with Gingey, check out 'A Deviated Path' and 'Glaciermeow'.


So today, after Claire took a morning nap, we went to check out a local Costco...I love Costco! Then we went to Olivia's new preschool for a 'meet and greet' with her new teacher. Her teacher seems really great and the director too. She will also be taking swim lessons while she is in summer school. She will start summer school on Tuesday and will go for 5 whole hours! She will go Tuesday and Wednesday for the 1st session, then will go 3 days for the 2nd session. At her other preschool she only went for 2 1/2 hours, so I hope she will adjust well to the difference.

After that we picked up lunch at Taco Bell, and came back to the hotel for lunch and naptime. They were both so tired, Claire has been getting up at 5:30 almost every day and also wakes Olivia. I know it could be worse, but Claire has always been my good sleeper. I am so anxious to get into our house...

Olivia took a really deep nap and had an accident the second day in a row. We might have to move back to pull ups for naptime until we can get into our house. I think it's just been hard having to stay in the hotel and having our schedules all messed up.

Lots of library time

We went back to the library close to our new house on Thursday. They had a special even called 'Flights of Fantasy' where 2 women acted out some folk tales. They were so hilarious dressing up in hats and acting like animals. The first story was Turtle Bag which is a folk tale from India, this was my favorite story of the ones we did. They also did an Uncle Remus story about Brer (sp?) Rabbit and Brer Wolf, a Navajo folk tale about the origin of stars and the Big Red Hen. Olivia and Claire both enjoyed it, although I think the Wolf scared them.

They have already read 5 books, only 5 more to go for the reading program. Olivia is so motivated, she is anxious to finish all 10!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dark Circles

This is what I have this morning. I'm just not getting any sleep. I just can't sleep well in the hotel, I think I'm just anxious to get in our house and get in our own bedroom. Claire gets up at 5:30am, I waited, hoping beyond hope she would go back to sleep quietly. No such luck. And of course, she woke Olivia. So Olivia came in our room, and I put Claire back in their room in her pack and play. I mean it is just an unGodly hour to wake up. Olivia kept bugging me, but I just kept a pillow over my head. Claire wailed a little bit, then was quiet for a time. I got them out of bed when it was 7am which I have to say is a more reasonable hour...this is what time I'm used to getting them out of bed...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Another storytime

This morning we checked out the storytime at a different library. The librarian/reader was awesome, he was really animated while reading the stories, even Claire sat through most of the books! It was rather crowded in the small library afterwards with all the kids, moms and strollers. I signed the girls up for the summer reading program...they read 10 books and they get a free paperback, book bag and a coupon for Hometown Buffet (my husband will love that!).

Afterwards we went to a popular shopping area where there is a fountain. This is where lots of moms and kids hang out after storytime at a local bookstore. There were lots of people out by the fountain, this is the most people I've seen outside at one time in this city. There was a man there with his dog, Bob. He was a friendly dog who enjoyed all the kids attention. Olivia started following a little girl and came up to me and whispered 'I found a friend'!

I talked with the girl's mom for a while trying to get information about pediatricians, she didn't seem too thrilled with hers. It was interesting to watch the different groups of moms, it seemed as if everyone had their 'clique'. At the library and at the fountain, I look around to see if I might make some potential friends.

Next we walked over to the cinema, they have a free family film fest during the summer. We had this where we used to live, I think certain chains of cinemas offer this. I got a list of movies. Unfortunately, Olivia will be in summer school, but maybe I can try and take Claire.

We did some grocery shopping then headed back for lunch and naptime. The girls were getting so tired that they were really cranky. After naptime and their daddy got back from work about 5, I took Olivia to the $1 movies. We saw Ice Age 2, it was really cute, she laughed during alot of it. Too much popcorn though...bleck!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A special gift

One of the gifts Olivia received for her birthday was really special. It's from one of her close friends from school, A. It's a book called 'The Bracelet' and it's written by a Japanese-American writer and is a story about the internment camps during WWII. I was teary-eyed as I read the story, it is a wonderful story about friendship. It was about a little girl, Emi, who had to leave her home with her family to go into the internment camp. Her friend from school came by her home to give her a gift to always remember her. It was a bracelet. However, when they arrived at the camp, she found she lost the bracelet and was so upset. She came to realize, though, that she didn't need the bracelet to remember her friend, that her memories would help her to remember her friend.

It is really a beautifully written story. My husband's parents were in the internment camps when they were little along with their families. I'm so glad Olivia was given this book so she could learn about the camps in a way she can understand.

To the park today

Today, we decided to go to a park near in the neighborhood where we will live. I was hoping there would be swarms of kids and moms for the girls to play with and moms for me to meet. It was such a nice day, probably in the 70's, clear, nice breeze. We got there about you think it was too early? There was not a soul there. About 10 minutes later, a mom showed up with 18 month old twins. She was only there about 15 minutes, but at least I did get to 'pick her brain' a little. I don't understand why there weren't more people out enjoying the nice weather before it gets too hot?

I decided to leave when Olivia started to pretend to eat the sand...she was being such a pill today. We headed out to where their daddy works, it's about a 1/2 hour drive into nowhere. But the nice thing is there are lots of animals to see at his office. Claire slept on the way. We saw several squirrels and some wild bunnies. Most of the animals...quails, doves, rabbits come out in the morning or late afternoon. One of the employees told me to be watchful of the kids because there are also coyotes out there...gasp!

So then we went into the little town for lunch, we found a local eatery that had a great menu with lots of sandwiches and burgers. The milk shake I got was HUGE! It was nice to have lunch as a whole family.

We dropped my husband back off at his office and headed back to the hotel. I was thinking what I would do if both the girls were asleep...I can't leave one in the car by herself. They both crashed in the car, so when I got to the hotel, I put Olivia in the stroller and I carried Claire on my shoulder while I pushed the stroller. Unfortunately, the kids splashing in the pool woke Olivia up and Claire woke up as I was carrying her. I was able to put Claire in her pack and play and she immediately went back to sleep. I wasn't so lucky with Olivia. I put her in bed, but she did not go back to sleep. At least she stayed in her room quietly.

We didn't get to go see the 50 cent movie tonight since Olivia didn't get enough of a nap...the girls are just so tired. Claire wakes too early and this morning she woke Olivia up.

After Claire got up from her nap, we ran some errands which included a visite to one of my favorite stores...Trader Joe's!

On the agenda for visit the library near our neighborhood for another storytime...I'm hoping to meet some moms there.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Morning at the library

So after Claire took an early morning nap (she woke about 5:44am), the 3 of us headed to the main library. They were scheduled to have a storytime at 10:30am and we got there in the nick of time. It was 1/2 an hour, perfect for Olivia, just a little bit too 'old' for Claire. But they both had fun, though. After story time, Olivia was following another little girl and they were playing a bit. Olivia came to me and whispered in my ear 'I made a new friend!' very excitedly. A little bit later, she came in whispered in my ear 'her name is Olivia, too!'. I'm so glad she is so enthusiastic about meeting new friends.

Afterwards, we stopped by the Parks and Recreation department to pick up a booklet of activities and classes. Then we came back to the hotel for toasted cheese sandwiches. It so happens we are in a suite with a kitchen and 2 bedrooms/2 baths.

After lunch, we walked over to the shopping strip across the street. We found a My Gym where I'm thinking of taking Claire to next week to try out their classes. We checked our mail at the UPS store and then we went to the natural foods market to buy soymilk and juice. We also passed by the $1 cinema to see what was playing. Tomorrow happens to be 50 cent Tuesday so maybe I'll take Olivia to see Ice Age 2 tomorrow evening...or maybe we'll all go...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

What to do with the kids?

So here we are in a hotel, while Daddy goes to work. I've got to figure out what to do with the kids during the day. I'm thinking tomorrow we will go to the library...hmm, I hope it's open.

It's been a busy week...

We just made it to the 1st of 4 hotels we will be staying at over a month's time. We just spent the last week or so at my husband's bachelor uncle's townhouse. I'm sure he is glad to have his place back in one piece!

While staying at their uncle's place, I kept busy during the day commuting Olivia back and forth to preschool. We came back for lunch and naps, then headed out again for dinner with friends every night. My friends really came through. It was nice to go out to eat with my friends and their kids.

Thursday was Olivia's last day of preschool at her Montessori school in the East Bay...sniff...sniff... I just loved her preschool...I wanted to go to school there...ha ha! Friday was her school's end of year picnic. It was loads of fun. All the older students who were going on to Kindergarten ran booths such as cookie decorating, bean bag toss, nail painting, sno cone booth, sack race, etc. And it was potluck so everyone brought sandwiches, salads and desserts. It was relaxed and the kids had fun. It was nice to talk to some of the parents.

Saturday was Olivia' BIG birthday party. She had a Garden Tea Party at a local historic farm. She had a big crowd...about 12 girls that came. It was so nice to have it somewhere where they do all the work...I just brought all the food, cake and goodie bags.

The staff had 'pick up' games such as hula hoops, jumping rope, fishing for plastic fish in a barrel, horseshoes, pin the bee on a flower and they had a potting activity. After some of the games, the girls were served 'tea' which was actually lemonade in beautiful teacups. They were served the sandwiches I made which were cheese/butter and strawberry jam/butter flower shaped sandwiches with goldfish crackers. I completely forgot to take pictures of the sandwiches, they turned out really cute. I used a large flower cookie cutter to cut the bread on one side, on the other I did the same, but also cut a small hole in the middle so it would look like a flower with a middle color. I bought sandwiches from Costco for the parents and made some cucumber/cream cheese sandwiches, too.

After lunch, they played games again and then went on a tour of the farm which included an organic garden and a tractor barn with vintage cars and tractors. We got a priceless picture of all the girls on an old tractor in the field. After the tour, everyone sang happy birthday to Olivia and they were all served cake and ice cream. Everything turned out great, but I think Olivia was overwhelmed with all the attention. When they were getting ready to eat cake some of the girls were fighting over who would sit next to Olivia...poor thing, she didn't know what to do...and I didn't either! It worked out though with some shifting of the kids.

We ended up taking all the gifts home to open after naptime. I like doing the parties this way because the opening of the gifts is just too crazy at this age. I have to say, though, everyone was so generous, she got some terrific toys and books.

I was a little disappointed that 4 girls didn't show up that had said they were coming. Two of them were friends of mine that just completely forgot, the other 2 were girls from school that I didn't really know anyway.

Friday, June 02, 2006

We're outta here!

Out of our house that is! We won't move into our new house until June 29th so we'll be "travelin'" till then and won't be able to unpack till after that.

Right now, we will be staying with my husband's uncle who lives about 30 minutes from our old house so that Olivia can finish preschool and have her birthday party.

So far, the move is going well, I took lots of pictures of the move out of our house. When we get in our house and hooked into cable, I can post all about our move.

The girls are exhausted from lack of naps and not enough sleep. Claire decided she wanted to start waking up at 5:30am in the morning (I think she hears the garage door from her great-uncle leaving for work). The girls share a room, so Claire has been keeping Olivia up with her talking. It is NOT fun moving with a toddler, at least I'm not pregnant this time though!