Friday, February 12, 2010

An Extraordinary Life

So it's been 5 months that we've been home and there is really not alot to add from last month, things are about the same and they change daily! Mostly I am just very busy from 6:30am till about 8pm when the kids are ALL in bed sleeping soundly, then I veg out a while and maybe I'll get at least one thing done. It has been really hard to adjust to a family with 3 active kids and try and keep on top of all the activities, schoolwork, carpooling details and housework so I'm learning to let things go a bit. None of us are perfect.

I think I am making a turning point in my relationships with our kids, at least I am trying to improve our relationship. I also now understand when other adoptive parents who talk about how lucky they are to have their adopted child in their life. Sure Nicholas has a great life with us, but he has changed us forever and we continually learn about love. I feel so lucky he is with us and teaching us so much and I'm beginning to appreciate what an extraordinary life I am leading.

I'll leave you with this picture I took as Nicholas and I were walking through the UCLA campus on Valentine's Day:

It's all about LOVE my friends!!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

A Visit to the Airport

No, we weren't planning to take a trip. A friend and I planned a special outing for our sons to visit the local airport. A friend of mine who is a pilot and used to work at the airport took us on a tour of the airport where the private and charter planes are housed. This was exciting because Nicholas likes anything that flies and would love to ride in an airplane again. I joke that the only reason he left Kazakhstan with us is so he could fly on an airplane!

Claire's tonsillectomy

Back in November Claire had surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids. Her snoring became so bad I felt it was affecting her sleep. I was really nervous for our child to have anesthesia and surgery but I knew it would be beneficial to her health. The first couple of days were rough but she is a real trooper and bounced back really quick. She started eating soft foods about a day or 2 after the surgery. The surgeon said the tonsils and adenoids were really big. Her voice changed and has never been the same as before, her voice is a bit higher pitched and she doesn't sound nasally anymore. Right after surgery, I notice how quietly she slept, it was amazing. She has also been eating alot more and not complaining as much about her food. It must have been hard for her to swallow some things. I only had my old phone with me and took a couple of these post op pictures.

I'm glad I finally talked my hubby into staying home that day because she needed my constant care and Nicholas was still very demanding at that point. It was nice to give Claire my attention and baby her a little.