Friday, January 18, 2008

An update, part 1

Thought I would post an update since it's been awhile. I've been recovering from the holidays, I think I overextended myself, taking on so many things. But I wanted it to be a great holiday this year. We decided to host not just one but 2 exchange students from Japan, I guess we'll call them M&M since both their names start with an M. Actually, we had one for 2 weeks, and only hosted the other one for a week while her original family went on a skiing trip. Their English was extremely limited so that was a bit disappointing, but overall, we had a great time and M1 (our 2 weeker) bawled when we had to put her on the bus.
After Christmas, we all went up north to visit the Bay area and Sacramento. We also did lots of shopping which the teenagers really enjoyed. Some of these pictures are from Christmas, a few are from dinner with my friend in San Jose.
Running off dinner.

With my friend Jessica who I met on a mommy board, this was taken in San Jose.
Brrr....viewing of Holiday lights at our local 'zoo'.
Picture of girls on Christmas day which was sent out in thank you letters.
Annual decorating of a gingerbread house (with our Japanese exchange student, M)

At Olivia's class holiday party.