Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tomatoes anyone?

So here are some updated pictures of my tomato plants. My Big Beef plant was getting so heavy, I found it on the ground today, I had to reinforce it with a couple of rebar. You will see I have one tomato already turning red...sort of. Wow, they grow fast here, it is amazing!


catankgirl said...

Wow! That is an amazing sized plant for this time of year. Ours are barely half as big. And those big tomatos taste SO good on hamburgers. I am jealous! I think ours just have flowers right now.

Are you enjoying spending time gardening? I never thought I would, but I've really liked being outside this year working on the yard/garden stuff. Maybe it's just a nicer environment when you have two little ones around you then cooped up in the house? :)

4texans said...

It is nice, I love growing something that we will be able to eat. I haven't been out as much recently, just been busy with stuff. I have a flourishing herb garden, too. We are going to have lots of tomatoes, I think they do really well down here.

ramblingmuse said...

Oh WOW! Those look great! You really have a green thumb!
Have you eaten any yet?